Shootings in Champaign, Mayor responds

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — “I saw this black car run into the side of County Market and then it bounced of and it was rolling into the street,” said Brandon Yates, a witness to the scene.

That’s when Yates knew he had to call 9-1-1.

What he didn’t know was that someone in that car had been shot.

Champaign police say the shooting happened on West Springfield Avenue near Kenwood.

But the crash happened several miles at 4th and Springfield.

A witness to the crash tells us that he was crossing the street to get food at County Market when he heard a crash.

He saw a black car run into the grocery store then roll into the street.

He says the driver got out and asked for help to drive her sister to the hospital.

“She was kind of out of control and ran across where people would be walking,” said Yates. “So I hope everyone is okay, but it looked like she was just trying to get her sister to the hospital.”

We know the victim was shot in the arm.

This was Champaign’s second shooting of the day.

The first happened early this morning in a downtown parking lot on East Main Street.

Police say two people were walking in this area when a car pulled up. They say two suspects started firing. Both victims are expected to survive.

Mayor Deb Feinen says preventing shootings like these includes providing economic opportunities for people.

“This isn’t just an arrest your way out of it problem,” said Feinen. “We also have to get to the root of the problems.”

She tells me that officers are taking the problem very seriously. She also says anti-violence prevention money will be coming this summer and Champaign nonprofits will be eligible for that money.

The mayor tells us that everybody deserves the opportunity for fair and equitable treatment. But also, to be safe in their community.

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