Shooting suspect on the run weeks later

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CHAMPAIGN — Police are still looking for a man they say was involved in a shooting. One man is in jail for the crime. Now another is wanted for the same November shooting on third street. Police say three people were hit.

A judge issued a warrant for Duston Smith-Fonville’s arrest nearly three weeks after the shooting. It left a teenager in serious condition, and almost two months later a suspect is still on the run.

This picture was taken some time around 2012 when Jamona Collier was 13. She was reported missing, but came home after a few days. 4 years later she made the news again when she was shot.

April Collier says, “She is in, I would say, stable condition as of right now. I mean just praying for her.”

Her older sister says she woke up to more than a dozen shots on the night of November 4. She went outside to find at least one bullet caught her her younger sister’s upper body. A 46 year-old Danville man and 23 year-old Daytreon Pettis of Urbana were also shot, but police say he wasn’t just a victim. In the middle of December he was arrested for the same shooting. But it’s not clear if he shot the other two victims – because police say he wasn’t the only shooter.

They believe Duston Smith-Fonville also pulled the trigger that night, his 24th birthday. In May he was involved in another shooting on James St. Police say that time, he was on the other side of the gun. A man who woke up to a bullet flying through his wall described what he saw.

“Finding a host of police cars as well as a young man that was lying out in the street, and young adults standing around him.”

The man lying in the street was Fonville. His cousin said he was shot in the shoulder, and his friend Stateman Hoff was shot dead. One man is in jail for that shooting, while police look for the man they say survived his gunshots.

This is not the first time Fonville has been a criminal suspect. He was arrested for burglary in 2012 when he was 19. Fonville was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. It’s not clear how long he served.


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