Sheriff’s office shares more details surrounding stolen truck

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MOULTRIE COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Tonight we’re learning more about a missing truck stolen from Lovington.

Vehicle image released by investigators

Investigators said the same people who took it are connected to a string of vehicle break-ins and thefts.

Whoever did this was first spotted in both Dalton City and Bethany. Investigators said they were in the stolen car pictured below.

Stolen car recovered in Lovington

That was between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. Moultrie County Sheriff Chris Sims said that same car was later found in Lovington. Just two blocks away from where the car was found, the truck pictured above was stolen from a garage.

“As we’ve been conducting this investigation, it seems we’re becoming more aware of other small towns along the way – supposedly Warrensburg or Latham area and other small towns – where this has occurred,” said Sims.

Later, at 3 a.m., eight miles away from Lovington, another garage was broken into in Hammond. Mike Brown was shot and killed. Police haven’t released anything connecting the same suspects to this crime, but the Moultrie County Sheriff said they’re looking into the possibility. Sims said it’s thanks to Ring doorbell footage that they were able to learn more about the suspects.

“We were able to get the vehicle descriptions and also the number of suspects, and that’s how we were able to determine there was at least three because they observed on their home camera… they observed two people on foot while another person was driving that car,” Sims said.

If you do see the truck, don’t approach it. Instead, call the sheriff’s office. They describe the vehicle as a dark gray Ford F-150. The license plate is N 101 DN – B.

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