Sheriff warns of burglaries after two break-ins

Local News

MAHOMET — A woman walked downstairs when she heard a noise, and found herself face to face with an intruder.

John Brown lives near Spring Lake, and said Monday night “We were laying in bed, my dog sleeps right next to me there, and he started barking”.
    Next thing John Brown knew, his doorbell was ringing. He said it was the police telling him his neighbor had called 911 after someone broke into her home.

The homeowner said she went downstairs to investigate a noise she heard, and found herself nose to nose with a burglar. Brown said  “they smashed in her back door, had to have someone fix it”.
    Neighbors say police blocked the only entrance and exit to the neighborhood, but didn’t find anyone. Just before the break in, the homeowner says she heard a knock on the door. Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh says this is common. “If nobody comes to the knock, they’ll go around back, and in this case, break some glass and break in.”
    Brown says his neighbors are now on the lookout for anyone out of the ordinary, saying “I think everyone around here has an eye out, and if they catch the guy, it wont be good for them”.

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