Sexual harassment bill gets quick pass

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — One of the quickest bills to get passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Bruce Rauner deals with curbing sexual harassment. While Rauner signed off on it, he says it didn’t go far enough.

It needed to be done quickly while lawmakers were still in town, but the governor says he would have liked the bill to be more thoughtful and different.

Lawmakers only had so much time to draft and pass it during the veto session. He even said he thought about using his amendatory veto pen to it.

But, Rauner says he signed it to allow the inspector general to start investigating allegations. One bill he signed will allow her to begin investigating immediately and it lifted the restriction which put a one-year hold on these.

The other bill Rauner signed now requires lawmakers, lobbyists and staff to take sexual harassment courses annually.

Every time Rauner speaks about sexual harassment, he’s questioned by reporters about possible allegations in his own office. Over the past month, he’s given different responses.

Initially, he acted like he didn’t know about any allegation. Now, his response has changed telling reporters those questions need to be asked of and answered by the inspector general.

In the bills on sexual harassment, it also created a statewide sexual harassment hotline for public and private employees seeking help. It will allow victims to remain anonymous.

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