Senate overrides Governor’s veto on school funding

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Senate rounded up enough votes to override Governor Rauner’s veto on a new school funding formula (SB1). But Democrats say the work is not over yet.

Both sides say they want to continue to negotiate, which Senator Andy Manar says so both sides can be apart of a long-over due change to funding the education system . 

“Let’s come together to find another solution quickly, let’s get a compromise quickly,” said Governor Rauner.

Rauner seems to have a change of heart after senators did not except his changes to senate bill one. Just weeks ago the governor refused to sit down with Democrats to negotiate a new deal. 

“What undoubtedly was a lack of negotiations for weeks during the months of June and July that only happened after Governor Rauner decided to put Republicans at a table and sit with us and have those negotiations,” said Senator Andy Manar.

Rauner wanted the bill months ago, but Democrats held on to it in hopes for compromise. Sen. Manar says the Senate had to vote now especially with a timeline of 15 days to act on it after Rauner issued his veto. Despite the timeline, Manar says this doesn’t mean a bipartisan compromise is out of reach.

“If they are Republican members of the House that have ideas they should put them on the table right now and should make those ideas known,” said Manar.

“I encourage senators to come up with alternative’s, let’s together find compromise,” said Rauner.

The final vote on SB1 did end up getting one Republican vote. Senator Sam McCann says he cast his “yay” vote to avoid another crisis. 

“I don’t believe we want to go down that road again certainly not with our education system, we owe to the kids and the families,” said McCann. “As we still have time to come together under the dome and work on a negotiation compromise, I hope my vote actually helps spur that to happen.”

The school funding fight now lies in the House.If all 67 Democrats vote for it, they’ll still need four Republicans to vote in favor to successfully override the Governor. 

The House is back Wednesday, but it’s still unsure if they will take a vote. They have committee’s scheduled throughout the day to discuss education funding. 

Starting Monday, the House will have 15 days to override Rauner’s veto or the bill will die.


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