School districts buy new kind of insurance

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CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — You can get insurance for fires, floods and theft. Now, school districts can get it for shootings.

The Charleston School District has a new type of insurance coverage for times of tragedy. It’s called Malicious Acts Coverage and it’s in case of things like shootings or stabbings.

The district is insured by a company which caters to nearly 200 schools in the state.

Previously, the company didn’t offer this kind of insurance. But, earlier this year, agents asked members if it was something they’d be interested in.

After getting overwhelming support, they now offer the coverage and Charleston signed up for it. District employees say it’s a type of insurance they hope they never have to use, but better safe than sorry.

It only increases premiums by about one-third of a percent, which leaders say is more than worth the price. Officials say this is the insurer they use for things like workman’s comp, cyber liability and crime.  

Prairie State Insurance Cooperative is the company offering Malicious Acts Coverage. Members include several local districts like Rossville, Blue Ridge and Prairieview-Ogden, just to name a few.

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