SAVOY, Ill., (WCIA) — The weather’s been up and down, a bit warmer and then cooling down again.

Dr. Jaya Wadhawan, a pediatrician with OSF Healthcare, said the milder winter temperatures are impacting allergy season.

She said it normally doesn’t pick up until the end of March, but now, she’s expecting allergies to flare up sooner.

They’ve been seeing patients with cold symptoms, and now they’re ready to treat people with allergies.

The sneezing, coughing and sore throats are preventable, and you can start preparing now.

“Have your kids wash their hands, wash their face, especially when they come from the outside, just to wash that pollen off,” she said. “Bathing at nighttime is also helpful. It gets them refreshed before bed and helps alleviate nighttime symptoms.”

Dr. Wadhawan said checking the pollen count in your area is also important so you can change up your outdoor activities if it’s higher on certain days.