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MATTOON — An organization, usually in need, is reporting good news and it’s all because they’re teaming up. The Salvation Army is thriving in all its programs and it’s saying it’s all thanks to the community.

“At the Salvation Army, we don’t talk about what the community should be doing. We go out there and show what the community should be doing,” states Veteran Families Case Manager, Jarrick Honn.

What they’re doing at the Salvation Army is paying off. From the food pantry and youth programs to the thrift store and veteran services, the organization is thriving. It’s all because of a dedicated group of volunteers.

It’s even extended its youth summer program into Charleston. 

“There’s a lot of need in this area and we’re grateful to be one of the organizations that’s making a difference in people’s lives,” says Major Carrie Pollom.

Pollom says the food pantry serves 200 families a month. The afterschool program has 63 children registered. Even veterans in need have a place to go.

“They have a sense of belonging, that they have more investment in the community and have a tendency to better themselves,” says Honn.

While there’s still a need for volunteers in some areas, Pollom says all the services at the Salvation Army couldn’t be done without the community.

“It’s so supportive of what we do here and donations and volunteering, and the major is grateful to everyone for its help. It’s what keeps us going,” comments Pollom.  

Youth programs director, Mindy Willenborg says, if you have a child dealing with mental illness or may have behavioral issues, make sure they come to the Salvation Army. She’s ready to welcome and love them.

The Salvation Army serves Coles, Cumberland, Moultrie and Shelby counties. 

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