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CHRISTIAN-MONTGOMERY COUNTIES, Ill. (WCIA) — Officials with the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) have released updated numbers regarding COVID-19 infections in the area. As of 6:03 pm, Monday, Christian County has 24 positive tests including 3 deaths and 147 negative tests; Montgomery County has 9 positive tests including 1 death and 147 negative tests.

Since Monday night, Christian County recorded another COVID-19-related death for a person who had been hospitalized. It brings the number of deaths in Christian County to 4 as of noon, Tuesday, April 14.

Officials said all known exposures to any COVID-19 patient will be contacted, so if you have not received a call, you do not need to concern yourself with a positive patient. However, any person you meet in public can be contagious so authorities strongly urge people to adhere to the stay-at-home mandate along with CDC directives to protect yourself and loved ones.

Meanwhile, EMA and Taylorville city officials are taking care of the needs of people in the Park Glen Complex who have been ordered under quarantine until Sunday, April 19. Essential needs are being met including basic food staples, prescriptions and immediate medical care. The health department will determine when the quarantine is lifted.

EMA leaders also want to reassure the community rumors connected to the closing of hospital emergency rooms are just that: rumors. All hospital emergency rooms in Christian and Montgomery counties are open 24/7. While there may be additional screening and questioning for potential COVID-19 infection, healthcare is still being provided to those in need.

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