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URBANA — There’s still no official word on how Champaign teenager Luke Miller died, but prosecutors say the evidence doesn’t suggest foul play.

The Champaign county state’s attorney says criminal charges may not be a part of the Luke Miller death investigation. Back in March, the Centennial high school student died from injuries.

Police and medical examiners have been trying to determine what lead to them. The state’s attorney says there could be a medical explanation.

Julia Rietz says they don’t have the final medical report yet. Even though Miller’s autopsy was done a couple months ago, investigators didn’t come to a conclusion.

In school, the 15 year-old student was known as a skilled archer. One weekend, he complained of stomach pains, so his parents took him to the hospital, then another hospital in St. Louis, where he died.

Since then there’s been a lot of speculation on what ultimately caused his death. Some students believe bullying at Centennial high school may have played a part. Without the medical reports, the state’s attorney says the case is far from closed, but no one has come forward with information to suggest a crime was committed.

“At this point, we’re waiting for the final report from the medical examiner in St. Louis,” says Rietz. “Until we receive that, we can’t make any final judgments. But there is the possibility of a medical explanation, and if there is a medical explanation, there would be no basis for criminal charges, and at this point, I can say that I’ve not received any information that would give me a basis to file criminal charges against anyone.”

As to when that final report will come in, Rietz says she can’t say.

This does not at all mean that criminal charges are ruled out. If anyone does have information about whatever may have caused miller’s death, they are urged to come forward.

The state’s attorney says she’s been in touch with Champaign police. Miller’s case is still an open investigation. The medical report from St. Louis is one part of that. Again, if you have information about miller’s death, call police or Crime Stoppers.


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