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DANVILLE, Ill.(WCIA) — A new business has opened its doors downtown.

The Heron Restaurant is on Vermilion Street off of East Main.It used to be a jazz club.

The owners want to offer something to the community that you would get in Chicago or Indianapolis.

The restaurant has an old nostalgic-feel.

There’s bookcases on the main floor which are filled with vintage style items and they plan to add more.

The owners want people to feel comfortable no matter what they wear when they eat there.

They hope this will help with what downtown danville has to offer.

“We just want to bring life back to Danville. I’ve grown up here and I’ve seen. I’ve seen Danville go through some hard times and I’m hoping that we see a lot of great times in our future,” says owner, Jennifer Wesner.” 

“It’s important that we kind of bring back and support other local businesses down here so when you’re down here there’s not a lot open right now but if there were going to be more restaurants and more things supported and be open then other shops like that would be open and there probably would be more things to do,” says general manager, Robert Sloan.

There are two other floors in the restaurant. Upstairs is available for private parties and the lower level is a romantic, relaxed spaced. 

The Heron Restaruant is open Wednesday to Friday for lunch.

Dinner is served on Fridays and Saturdays.

The bar is open until midnight after dinner. 

If you’re looking for something different this Valentine’s Day, The Heron is taking dinner reservations.
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