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MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — People have been hearing a siren on-and-off for days. What many haven’t heard is an explanation from the city.

Residents say a strange siren has been going off sporadically for days. The good news is the issue is now resolved. Piatt County 911 says the sirens will only go off when they’re supposed to now.

They posted the notice to Facebook Wednesday, but the problem throughout the process is, not everyone has Facebook.

“A couple of nights ago, this strange siren started. It sounded like the little French vehicles when they’re going on a call with the ‘Weee ooh, weee ooh, weee ooh’ sound.”

For the past couple of days, it’s the only noise Margie Marshky’s heard. Nothing from the city, just hearsay from people in town.

“Somebody said, ‘Well, maybe somebody escaped from the jail,’ Others have said, ‘Well, it sounded like an air raid.’ Okay, shouldn’t we know about it?”

She even called 911 asking for information.

“They said they didn’t know anything about it. Well, if they don’t know anything about it, who does?”

Eventually they found the answer on Facebook: Piatt County 911 said the sirens were malfunctions. It was news to neighbors.

“Anybody that puts anything on Facebook, we’re out of the network. It would be nice if we were notified as to what’s going on or what the problem is, just like a boil order for water.”

Vicky Pettyjohn has been hearing the sirens too.

“It’s happened three times today.”

Pettyjohn assumed they were nothing serious, but she says it would have been nice to know for sure.

“We have kind of an all-call thing, that if something’s going on in town, like they’re flushing the hydrants or anything like that, they call your house and the city leaves a message if anything special is going on and we haven’t gotten that.”

But, now the mystery is solved. Piatt County 911 posted the sirens were fixed as of noon Wednesday. No one from the city or public works could be reached for comment.

This all comes after at least two sirens in town didn’t work during storms earlier this week. The 911 information officer said the sirens are controlled by radio frequencies.

Tuesday, public works said the maintenance company would fix them Wednesday.

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