Residents want to know, why no mail?

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Mail delivery has come to a halt at an area apartment complex. It’s been four days since any residents have received any. The problem is at Round Barn Manor.

Several people have complained. Property managers say the issue was supposed to be fixed Friday, but it still hasn’t been delivered.

Each day, Wanda Weidner walks to her mailbox, but lately, something’s been missing.

“We haven’t had any mail since Monday this week and every day, somebody says we’re supposed to get it today, but it never happens.”

She, and more than 150 others living here, are waiting for their parcels.

“This week, I’m waiting on my bank statement and I’m waiting for a package I ordered.”

She’s lived here the last seven years.

“When I moved in here, they came at 10:30 every morning.”

But, in the last year, she noticed all the boxes being filled later and later in the day.

“We’re so sick and tired of them not coming here ’til 6 o’clock at night or 7.”

Now, it’s not being delivered at all.

“When I put a letter in the box at 9 o’clock in the morning for them to pick up, I hate for it to still be sitting there.”

Whether it’s rain or shine, she expects it to come.

“It used to be the mail went through no matter what.”

The post office says they don’t have a key to the building. For the time being, residents can pick up their mail at the Neil Street location. 

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