Researchers looking for cat owners to survey

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The UI College of Veterinary Medicine wants cat faces of all types.

Dr. Heidi Phillips and graduate resident Hadley Gleason are spearheading the study to discover if feline face and skull structure affects lifestyle behaviors from breed to breed.

“On dogs we do know that does change a lot of their lifestyle and things they’re able to tolerate,” said Gleason. “What we’re trying to investigate is do cats show these same kinds of signs or have different signs at home?”

Hundreds of cat owners have heard the call and taken the survey so far. The survey asks about behavioral traits like sleeping, eating, breathing and more. Phillips and Gleason are thankful for the feedback, but still need more.

“The survey’s been out only for a few weeks and we’ve had quite a robust response,” said Gleason. “I think cat owners are usually very passionate so everyone’s been really willing to help us out.”

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