Renewing disability placards now easier

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — More than a half million people who register for disability parking passes will now have an easier time renewing them.

The Secretary of State’s office just kicked off an online database to streamline the process.

Illinois is now the second state allowing people with disabilities to apply or renew a disability placard from the comfort of their own home.

Secretary of State Jesse White launched an online database for people to avoid long lines and trips to driving facilities.

Now, physicians can renew their patients’ disability forms online and send them straight to the SOS office.

Previously, people with disabilities were required to visit their doctor and get a written notice. Now, the trips will be eliminated.

More than 600,000 people use the tags to hang in their cars. Every four years people are required to renew them.

The new service will even help the office save money, time and resources.

“All the paperwork to Springfield, then staff would have to go through that material and then verify themselves manually and now this service will be automated.”

The service started in October and, so far, more than 1,300 people have taken advantage of it.

The SOS office says it mailed out 60,000 letters to people with a disability to remind them to renew their placards. Those expire by the end of January.

Even with the new electronic system in place, people can still use a paper application if they want.

Red temporary handicapped parking placards cannot be renewed online. Those must be taken care of in person.

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