Rally to hear community concerns

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– Concerned citizens wanted their voices to be heard. State representatives hosted Rally for Your Rights, a town hall meeting where the community could discuss issues such as abortion, taxes, and legalizing cannabis with legislators. “A lot of legislation is being passed that we want to talk about with our voters,” said State Representative Dan Caulkins.

Senate Democrat Julie Morrison introduced a plan to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in january and require gunowners to register them with Illinois State Police. Critics say that plan goes too far. “We should be focusing our efforts on the illegal weapons that are on the streets in Chicago and elsewhere. The law abiding citizens have the right to own a gun to protect themselves, involved in hunting and sporting,” said Caulkins.

Others came in with different concerns. “Number one education because I’m a long time teacher,” said Gretchen Grossman Mobley. “I’ve seen children who are floundering who don’t have emotional skills, intellectual skills,” said Grossman Mobley. 

Lawmakers are hoping this meeting will bring hope to the community and action at the capitol.

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