Puppies thown from car, suspect sought

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TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — Witnesses saw four puppies thrown from a moving car; only one survived. It happened in Douglas County, on Route 36, near Murdock.

The person who witnessed the puppies being thrown from the car only remembers it being silver because it happened so quickly; but, once she saw there was one puppy there, she talked to a friend who was able to help. That family has taken the pup in with open arms.

“It’s exactly like having a new sister,” says Kayleigh Bales.

This 9-year old’s new sister has four legs and a tail. That’s not all that’s different about this sister.

“You don’t have to change their diapers, but you do have to take them outside and feed her,” says Kayleigh.

Kayleigh is enjoying her new Beagle puppy now, but the story which brought the 6-week old dog to her home can be shocking. She had several emotions when she heard her new dog’s story.

“I didn’t even know there were three more, so then I went in my room with Piper and started crying.”

Those tears have turned into joy as the dog joins the family of five, plus two other dogs and a cat.

“They’re not just dogs, they’re not just something we own. They are part of our family,” says Kayleigh’s father, Josh.

The family has even named the beagle Piper Lucky. Its middle name symbolizes its survival. While Piper Lucky has a loving home, it’s still a harsh reality for what happened to the dog.

“I don’t understand how anybody can do that to a poor, innocent little face,” says Josh.  

“I’d love to find out who it is. I’m irate about it. It’s just insane, it’s cruel,” says Douglas County Animal Control Officer Chad Daugherty. 

It’s a situation Daugherty says shouldn’t happen to any animal, even if families can’t take care of them.

“We’re here to take animals. There’s a situation somebody could have called. We could have taken care of it, at least found a temporary home for the puppies since they weren’t winged yet.”

Piper Lucky has now been X-rayed and checked by a veterinarian. The family says she gets startled, but is expected to be okay.

The Douglas County Animal Control says if the individual who threw the puppies out the window is caught, it could be one felony for each dog. It would be a charge of animal cruelty resulting in death.

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