Public housing to go smoke-free

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — By next week, all Danville Housing Authority (DHA) buildings will be smoke-free. It will be against the rules for people to smoke in apartments or within 25-feet of the buildings.

It affects places like Fair Oaks, Beeler Terrace and public housing for seniors and the disabled. DHA doesn’t really have a say. It’s part of a congressional mandate for all public housing in the country.

Still, people here say they’re not sure it will make a difference.

Living in Fair Oaks, Tyronesia Adamore says she sees it all the time.

“Everybody smokes around here.”

She doesn’t think it will change come July 1, when it becomes against the rules to smoke in or within 25-feet of the apartment buildings.

“I feel as though it’s pointless because people are still going to end up smoking in the apartments, close to the apartments.”

If people do, they’ll face a $50 fine. If it becomes a problem, they could even be evicted.

Lakiya Holloway, who has lived in Fair Oaks for two years, says she’s all for positive change.

“I don’t have a problem with that, but they need to fix the building. The smoking is not the problem with my house. It’s how raggedly it is.”

A Chicago homeless shelter moved Holloway to Fair Oaks. She’s happy to have housing, but says, no matter what she does, she can’t fix the problems which were here when she moved in.

“Apple cider vinegar with bleach. We tried that. I did the borax. The borax is still down now. That worked for like a week. The roaches come right back.”

That’s why Holloway is hoping the federal government approves the demolition of six buildings in Fair Oaks. One is hers.

“Please give me a voucher, that way I can move anywhere.”

DHA put in a demolition request earlier this month. They say they should know if the federal government will approve the request by early September.

If the government okays the request, it would get rid of nearly 20% of Fair Oaks’ apartments. It’s the city’s larges public housing complex.

People would be relocated or given a Section 8 housing voucher which could be used anywhere in the country. 

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