Protestors want Davis to address healthcare

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ILLINOIS — Constituents of Representative Rodney Davis (R) had harsh words for the Congressman.

Voters want Davis to hold a town hall meeting so he can hear their concerns. Instead, Tuesday, he held open office hours.

He extended his hours to try to talk to everyone. He also asked people to come into his office in groups of seven since many had the same concerns.

“Politics, since Trump was elected, has become much more polarized.”

This polarization was apparent in front of Davis’ office.

“Davis is not a defender of the people.”

Many came to  show their disappointment with the Congressman.

“I think it’s important to hold our elected representatives accountable.”

But, it appears one word trumped the rest: healthcare.

“I’m definitely upset with the recent healthcare bill. I feel like, if you’re only given ten minutes, then the most important thing to address is healthcare.”

Pre-existing medical conditions were the specific focus for many.

“To go ahead and pass something that you said you never would do because you’re sympathetic to pre-existing conditions is extremely frustrating and I think he should have to answer.”

But, Davis holds firm the new bill can’t deny people coverage.

“I believe that we ought to have a better system that’s going to cover pre-existing. It’s going to actually provide affordable and accessible coverage for everyone that the Affordable Care Act cannot do.”

But, many weren’t happy with this response.

“I do not have the feeling that he understands how frightened people are. We have fundamental disagreements on how we view government.”

There was one thing people could agree on; everyone says they want to keep the conversation going.

“It’s great to have conversations. These are the things we’ve been doing. You know, my accessibility, we tell you every time we’re in town.”

“I hope, since not even a portion of the people are getting to talk today, he’ll be holding a town hall or something where more people can voice their concern.”

Another major concern is when Davis will return to town for more office hours. He’s stated before he does not like town hall meetings. Many hope he’ll return soon so they’ll have their chance to talk to him.

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