MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Goose Creek Wind submitted its Special Use Permit this week to Piatt County. It’s looking to build 60 wind turbine locations. People had a chance to learn about the project and leaders shared what’s coming next.

The Goose Creek Wind Project is part of Apex Clean Energy, and it could soon be another way to generate power.

It would be a 300-megawatt farm. If approved, it would break ground next year. People from the community had a chance to see the plan up close and learn what the project could do.

“The 300 megawatt project provides enough power for about 99,000 homes and will provide $89,000,000 in local tax benefits to Piatt County over the lifetime of the project,” Max Jabrixio with Apex Clean Energy said.

Project leaders say other benefits include an increase in tax revenue, more jobs and increasing local property values.

The application now heads for evaluation by the Piatt County Zoning Board of Appeals and then the county board.

The county is also considering a revenue sharing agreement with the company.

Goose Creek would commit to share an $5,000,000 with the county if the project is approved in 2023.