Preventing fires in winter

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — There are more fires in winter than any other time of year. As people kick up heat to stay warm, fire officials start to worry.

It’s why the Champaign Fire Department is always training. They say it’s especially important during the winter.

Wednesday, they were at the Illinois Fire Service Institute putting their skills to the test. It was a little different because they were practicing in a single family home.

The fire department has already responded to several fires in the last few months. Many are in single family homes resembling ones like this.

While the size of the homes vary, many they go into have similar layouts. It makes training invaluable for knowing what they might find in a real house fire.

Weather is warmer right now than normal, but the first day of winter is just two days away, so it’s always good to be prepared.

Things to be aware of this time of year:

  • Make sure to turn off space heaters when leaving the room 
  • Leave 3-feet of space around heaters
  • Water Christmas trees so they don’t dry out and burn when you turn your lights on

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