Presence Hospital is being sold

Local News

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Presence Covenant Medical Center, in Urbana, and Presence United Samaritans, in Danville, are being sold, but the company that’s buying them is also based in Catholic healthcare. 

OSF is in the process of taking over. For the most part, operations will stay the same. But what they hope this sale will do is help to make upgrades to the hospitals. 

They plan to still provide all the same services, but they will transition into a completely electronic medical records system. OSF’s goals and commitments to the Catholic healthcare system are very similar to Presence, so both groups think this will be a seamless transition.

“We are not closing facilities, we are not cutting back services, and we plan to keep things business as usual. Our leaders have been talking about that and it is business as usual moving forward. We want patients to keep coming and getting the great care they’ve been getting at the Presence facilities.”

After the transition takes place, they’ll be meeting with medical providers to see what opportunities they have to expand services at the hospitals. They don’t have any plans to cut back on staff. Both Presence and OSF reps say this sale is a way to expand their healthcare ministry and continue Catholic healthcare in Urbana and Danville.

Right now they’re working out the agreement and plan to finalize the sale in early 2018. No word yet on what the new names of the hospitals will be. OSF HealthCare facilities are named after saints. The board will be brainstorming ideas before the sale happens. 

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