Popular rec site closes without notice

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Update: 4:30 pm, 4/11/17, Tuesday 

VERMILION COUNTY — Even though there’s a little more information about why an area rec site closed, campers say they’re being kept in the dark.

The Fairmount Quarry didn’t open up for the year. Now, hundreds of people are out of the money they paid for campsites. 

Leaders for the company which owns the property say the lease was up last year and, instead of renewing it, they’re interested in selling the property. But, some campers say none of this was communicated to them and now they’re out of the cash they put down.

“I paid April-to-April. That’s when I paid my dues, at the end of April. I come out here in November and it’s locked up.”

The Fairmount Quarry won’t be opening anytime soon. Some say it comes as a surprise to hundreds.

“Somebody should have let us know something. Instead, everybody’s living on these rumors.”

The word around town is the man the property was being leased to got into legal trouble.

“The people that were leasing it poached some deer, big state record deer.”

They say he violated one of the rules of the property: No hunting. But the owner, Hanson Material Services, says there’s a different reason for the closing.

“Nobody knows what’s going on.”

Hanson says the lease expired last year and they didn’t renew it, but the main concern is what happened to the cash people paid to have a campsite reserved?

“Somebody owes me some money.”

The Quarry is a popular spot where people spend their summer months. They say it won’t be the same if it doesn’t open back up.

“Some of these people have been out here for years. They don’t know what to do.”

A lot of people keep their stuff on site. Some have been able to go in and get their things while others are still waiting to hear when they can.

Hanson says it’s working with someone to help former campers get their belongings. When asked about the closing, Hanson Material Services stated “We notified the camp operator.” 

Original: 4:45 pm, 4/10/17, Monday

VERMILION COUNTY — A popular place to spend a weekend has closed without notice.

Fairmount Quarry is no longer open for business and many say, they weren’t even told it was closing. People are not happy.

Campground management, Hanson Material Services, had no comment. People say they paid their dues, but now the site is closed and campers weren’t even notified it was happening.

Some say it’s a shame if the place is closed for good. Another issue is people who camp on the site still have their equipment out there. A sign on the entrance gate states there will be a time when people can come by to collect their things, but that hasn’t been released yet.

Dues were a little more than $300 for the year for access to fishing, camping and boating at the quarry. No one knows if they’ll get their money back.

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