Police warn people about counterfeit money

Local News

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Decatur Police said a counterfeit $100 bill was turned over to them on Monday.

They said the bill was a very convincing forgery, and appeared to be a $10 bill altered to pass as a $100 bill. The bill was a 2006 series, which has a security strip that can only be seen when held up against a light. The strip of this bill said “USA TEN” instead of “USA 100.”

According to police, the counterfeit bill had the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, which is usually found on a $100 bill. The watermark on a $10 bill is normally the portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

Since the holiday season is coming soon, officers anticipate more counterfeit bills to be put in circulation.

Decatur Police advise people to familiarize themselves with the security features on U.S. currency and inspect all bills before accepting them as payment.

An explanation of the security features of U.S. currency can be found online.

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