Police warn about entering businesses with masks

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — For those of you planning to go all out tomorrow, police are warning you to be careful when you go into a business.

If your costume involves a mask, you should take it off before you go inside. That’s just so you don’t scare any of them employees or fellow shoppers or look like you pose a threat. Good Vibes Manager Mike Roy says it’s also good to think about things like fake weapons. If you have one, consider leaving it in the car.

“Anything that might be construed as something that could be dangerous – whether it’s a plastic light saber or something from video game-type costumes. I think it’s most appropriate just leave them in your vehicles. Again, just, for the safety aspect of everybody that’s around,” said Good Vibes Manager Mike Roy.

Roy says that warning applies mostly to adults, but it’s a good idea for anyone to be courteous to a business owner.

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