Police take cyber-sexting seriously

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s a crime some people commit without realizing it’s against the law, but police take it more seriously than some think.

A Hoopeston man has been arrested after a woman says he sent out naked pictures of her without her permission. 31-year old Richard Strawser was arrested Wednesday and arraigned Thursday, charged with a felony.

Police say many people don’t even think of it as a crime, but revenge porn is considered a felony. Anytime you send naked pictures of someone without consent, it’s illegal. It could put you in prison for six years.

In the digital age, police say crimes like this happen all the time, but sexting crimes are usually more common with teens. Thursday, Champaign County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curt Apperson explained why it’s a huge problem.

He says, when someone under 18 sends naked pictures of themselves, they’re technically distributing child pornography. It can get the sender and recipient in big legal trouble.

He says the sheriff’s office has dealt with four or five underage sexting cases so far this year. But, those are only the ones reported.

They hear about cases all the time and say there are even websites with hundreds of photos of teen girls uploaded by teenage boys who received the pictures.

Authorities say the best way to avoid legal trouble is for parents to talk to kids. They say parents pay the phone bill, so they have every right to check what their kids are sending.

It could save them from legal trouble in the long run.

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