Police seek catalyst to multi-vehicle crash

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are still trying to find the driver who they say caused a three-vehicle crash on Wednesday.

It happened on I-74 just east of St. Joe. A motorcyclist was hurt. He’s still in the hospital recovering. Now, his friend is talking about how important it is that the driver responsible is held accountable.

The unknown driver wasn’t hit, but they were the catalyst that caused all of this to happen. They tried to pass in the left lane while heading into a construction zone. That forced the vehicle behind them to slam on their brakes. Behind them was the motorcyclist; behind the motorcyclist was another vehicle who pushed the motorcycle into the vehicle into front of it.

Police say the unknown vehicle was a black car with the body style of a Ford Fusion. It had tinted windows and there were two people inside.

“It hits close to home. I ride, you know, and it puts it into perspective that someone in such a great hurry that they’re only thinking of themselves, doesn’t think of the impact it’s gonna cause if something does go wrong,” said Patrick Spegal.

The motorcyclist is a 63-year-old man from Urbana. His friends say he is in a coma, has swelling on the brain, and has multiple broken bones. State police remind people to slow down as soon as they see signs telling them they’re approaching a construction zone. They’re asking anyone who might know the unknown driver to contact them.

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