Police searching for suspects who stole four cars

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MATTOON (WCIA) — Police are investigating after four cars were stolen between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

Two of them were crashed at the intersection of Old State and Lerna roads. The other two were dumped within city limits.

Police are looking for at least two people who may have been involved.

One person who lives near the intersection where they crashed has a connection.

Rhandi Patterson’s white Nissan was one of them.

“Attached to my keys was a keychain that i had made when my son was born”

Luckily, with the help of an app, she found her car nearby.

“Saw within like 30 minutes that it was at Lawson Park”

“They’d had it from about 4 to 5 so they went joyriding for a bit”

Patterson says she feels violated, and isn’t comfortable driving her car anymore.

Two other stolen cars were wrecked at the intersection right next to her house. A crossing that’s notorious for accidents.

“Many problems, wrecks and all kinds of stuff”

Neighbors say this is making them think twice about their own vehicles.

“I know I’m not going to leave my keys in my car again”

And as for Patterson’s keys, she has a message for the people who took her car.

“I don’t care about the debit cards, I don’t care about the cash, it’s just that keychain meant a lot to me, just turn yourselves in, I mean they’re going to find you eventually”

Besides Patterson’s keychain — police say several other items were stolen from the cars.

They’re looking for at least two suspects. Both of them could be hurt from the car crash — and one may have burns or scrapes on his arms and face from an airbag deployment.

Coles County Crime Stoppers are offering up to a thousand dollars for information that leads to their arrest.

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