CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Police are investigating after family-owned Koohinoor Indian Restaurant was robbed Wednesday morning.

Owners said a man came in and asked an employee to point him to the bathroom, but then circled around the cash register and flashed his gun.

The suspect told him to empty all the money in his pockets and cash register, and made off with a laptop and tablet. One of the owners, Hari Ghimere, said the incident terrified them when it happened.

“We’ve been here for a long time but this has never happened,” Ghimere said. “I’m scared because we never thought we’d se something like this.”

But his son Ujjwal Ghimere said despite the robbery, they’re still grateful to the Champaign Community, and have their spirits held high.

“In this pandemic time, we’ve survived,” Ghimere said. “All the people know we’re a really favorite restaurant in town. They love us. And because of that love, we’re still here and will be here.”

They’re hoping that with community support, they’ll overcome the setback.

As for the suspect, the Ghimere’s said the police have found him, but are still trying to find all the monay that was stolen