Police chief’s last day

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URBANA — After almost three decades of working in town, it’s officially Pat Connolly’s last day as police chief.

After 29 years with Urbana Police, Pat Connolly is now retired. As of 5 pm, Friday, April 14, he dropped the title as chief.

The man in charge is retiring to handle family business. Connolly says he plans to still stay active in the community.

Connolly wasn’t in the office on his last day, but those who worked with him are thankful for his work. They understand why he made his choice.

“It’s a very demanding job and if you have a lot of pressure trying to help family members, you just have to choose, so he finally, after many years, decided he needed to focus on his family at this point,” says Mayor Prussing.

Prussing appointed Connolly to police chief. Deputy Chief Sylvia Morgan has been appointed as interim. Chief Connolly and Mayor Prussing hired two new police officers.

A request has been made to the city council for three more. If hired, it would take affect the following fiscal year.

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