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Update: 6:40 pm, 5/1/19, Wednesday 

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A pizza delivery driver in Danville died Tuesday while doing his job.

The safety of delivery drivers has been a problem for some time in Danville. 

The victim, Terry Gaines, even posted this on Facebook last October:

Just since late last year, there have been at least four reports of robberies or attempted robberies.

This is the third deadly shooting in just one week in Danville. Friends of Terry Gaines say it’s all still sinking in. 

“He was a good guy, good friend of the family; he just didn’t deserve it,” said family friend Willie Johnson. 

Johnson describes Gaines as someone dedicated to hard work. but it was an encounter during work that ended his life. 

“I’m still in shock, I don’t know what to say. I’m just… I’m very very shocked about this.”

Police say Gaines was walking back to his car after making a pizza delivery for Dominos when two men tried to rob him. 

Investigators say there was a struggle, and then gunshots were fired. It happened at the corner of East Madison Street and North Alexander Street is where neighbors saw Gaines lying on the ground.
The tragedy hits home for Danville Mayor Rickey Williams in more ways than one. 

“Probably once a month I talk to him, to know that someone of that character and that caliber is gone over senseless violence,” said Williams. 

He believes harsher punishments for criminals could help lead to change. 

“We can arrest someone a thousand times, but unless they’re prosecuted and tried and held accountable for their actions, then it matters not.”

Some feel something should be done to make the city safer for delivery drivers, but Williams says it’s a risk that comes along with the job. 

“They have a right to operate as they see fit within the law. If they are willing to do it and there are individuals who are willing to take that risk, then that’s their choice.’

He believes the real responsibility lies in the hands of every individual.

“It’s time for us as the citizens of Danville to take a stand, it’s time for parents to start raising their children and making sure they’re held acocuntable and that they’re taught respect for other people and for life and for themselves.”

Dominos would not give a comment about what happened. 

Other restaurants in Danville have different ways of keeping drivers safe. Jocko’s stopped delivering altogether because of safety concerns. Great Wall says they don’t deliver to any new customers after dark. Papa Johns representatives say they limit delivery depending on crime statistics in any given city. 

One Jimmy Johns location says they are reviewing safety issues with corporate right now to find better strategies. 

Again, this is the third deadly shooting in Danville within a week. 

Cedric Halthon was shot and killed last Tuesday. Police are still looking for a suspect. 

On Wednesday, Roosevelt Anderson died in a shooting. One person has been charged with that murder.

Update: 9:30 am, 5/1/19, Wednesday 

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are searching for two men believed to be involved in a fatal armed robbery. It happened about 10:20 pm, Tuesday, near Alexander and Madison streets.

Coroner Jane McFadden says 41-year old Terry Gaines was shot and unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gaines had just made a delivery from Dominos Pizza when witnesses saw him approached by two men who tried to rob him as he walked back to his car. There was reportedly a brief struggle before shots were fired.

Both suspects are males, black; one is about 6′, the other 5’9″, both with slender builds, last seen wearing black jackets or hooded sweatshirts. 

This is the third fatal shooting in the city in a week. 33-year old Cedric Halthon was shot dead Tuesday and 25-year old Roosevelt Anderson was shot Wednesday and died Thursday.

Anyone with information regarding any of these shootings is asked to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and may earn a cash reward. 

Vermilion County Crime Stoppers  
(217) 446 – TIPS 
Danville Police
(217) 431 – 2250 

Original: 9:00 am, 5/1/19, Wednesday

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — One man is dead after a shooting Tuesday night.

It happened near the corner of Alexander and Madison streets.

Police say a pizza delivery driver was killed.  

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