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Update: 4:30 pm, 5/11/17, Thursday 

WARRENSBURG — Crews are starting to clean up after gallons of oil spilled outside town. Officials say about six barrels were lost. The company says it appears there was corrosion under a pipe.

A farmer was surveying his land after recent flooding and noticed something wasn’t right. Oil was spilling into a nearby creek. It was traced back to Hackney Road, between Glasgow and West Street.

Wood River Pipelines was contacted and the company was able to turn off the pipeline. They say, at this time, there is no environmental concern.

The fire department has been on scene monitoring the spill. The company is testing private wells in the area and have not found any indication of the leak in the water.

They believe the spill should be completely cleaned up in the next few days. Wood River Pipelines says it will turn the pipeline back on next week.

Although the leak is under control, the sheriff’s office is worried about another danger. Officials received word a drone has been flying over the area.

They ask people to refrain from doing this for the safety of everyone involved. 

Original: 6:40 pm, 5/9/17, Tuesday

WARRENSBURG — The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is on-site to oversee the containment and cleanup of a petroleum leak identified Monday.

After the initial notification, it was determined the leak was located in a section of pipeline crossing Hackney Road, approximately one mile south of town.

The section of pipeline has been shut down by Wood River Pipe Lines while they isolate, contain and clean up the release.

Wood River Pipe Lines estimates approximately 250 gallons of petroleum was released into the ground. They expect, within the next 72 – 96 hours, the spill will be cleaned and returned to normal operations.

There are no injuries nor are there any threats to public health or safety.

The Macon County Emergency Management Agency has established a Unified Command Center to facilitate the oversight of the cleanup. At present time, the leak has been mitigated to a small field area south of Hackney Road.

The IEPA continues to monitor the situation, including evaluating soil and water samples collected in the area to ensure there is no further contamination.

Wood River Pipe Lines has brought in specialists to repair and replace the damaged pipeline.

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