Pharmacy makes, donates hand sanitizer to first responders

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PAXTON, Ill (WCIA) — Doug’s Compounding Pharmacy is able to make its own hand sanitizer and for the rest of the coronavirus pandemic, they will be donating it to organizations in the community.

The FDA relaxed some rules, so they can make the sanitizer without a prescription. They are starting donations with first responders. Both Paxton and Gibson City Police and the Ford County Sheriff’s Office got the donation.

“I think it’s great,” says Pharmacist in Charge Jenna Vogel. “Law enforcement are the front lines and we kind of are on the front lines as well on the pharmacy side. We have to kind of support each other, especially in a small town.”

Officers will keep the sanitizer in their cars. Doug’s also wanted to help the patients and staff of a local skilled nursing care facility.

“All of our ordering has been delayed,” says Accolade Administrator Jonas Hoedebecke. “Hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, masks, gowns, basically everything that we need to function at a high level with everything that’s going on has been delayed on ordering. So this was a blessing for us.”

The pharmacy says the FDA does not usually allow them to stray from prescription guidelines. Waiving them for hand sanitizers shows them how big of a shortage there really is.

At the Sheriff’s Office, the sanitizer will also go to the Ford County Jail. Sheriff Mark Doran says keeping their correctional officers healthy is huge for keeping coronavirus out of the facility.

“It’s very important that we stay clean and wash our hands and do the right things to make sure that all of us stay safe,” says Doran. “Certainly not only worried about the correctional officers but also when they go home to their families as well.”

Doug’s has made one batch so far, but they are preparing to do it again soon.

“As readily as alcohol is being available, we are getting it in and keep supplying as much as we can for them,” says Vogel.

A portion of those hand sanitizer batches is also being sold at the pharmacy.

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