RANTOUL, Ill., (WCIA) — On Tuesday, Rantoul’s village board voted 5-1 to override the mayor’s July veto and pass a $300 utility credit program. 

That means 5,640 residents will receive a $300 credit in their accounts to use on their next bill.

Scott Eisenhauer, Rantoul’s village administrator, said most people will see the money by the end of the year, but it won’t come through cash or check. It will be deposited into your utility bill account to use in the future. 

He said to help go through the bills faster, the village is getting new software. It will allow them to work through challenges. He added they have to go through each bill individually because some people are not eligible, such as landlords who pay utilities for their tenants, or vacant rental properties. 

They also have to give all the money out in one day in case people move. 

“On their bill, if they’re used to getting a $400 utility bill, the day upon which we credit it, that $400 will quickly become $100. So, instead of paying a $400 bill you’re paying a $100 bill,” Eisenhauer said. 

He added if your bill is less than $300, the credit will roll over to multiple bills.