People concerned about water in gas

Local News

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — People are talking about a problem at the pump. They say at one gas station, they drove away with a problem they didn’t have when they got there; 60% water in the gas.

At least a few people have complained after filling up their cars took a hit. They say this happened after getting gas at the Phillips 66 Gas Station, at the corner of Bowman and Main Street.

One woman says she just got a car. Ratasia Nickson filled up at the gas station about a week ago.

Within hours, she said her car was having problems. Now, it won’t start at all. She says her mechanic told her the problem was the high amount of water in the gas.

She says she called the gas station manager, but never heard back. Now, she feels like she’s been left on empty. 

“Now, me and my family can’t get around, so it’s like, now what? Now I’m back to basic square one again. Basically, trying to get it fixed. If I don’t get it fixed, giving it away, or something.”

The gas station manager says someone from the fire marshal’s office tested the gas and it appeared to be fine. But just in case, the Illinois Department of Agriculture came in and took a sample.

When asked if the manager would speak on camera, he declined. He said he wanted to wait until the results of the sample came back.

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