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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — In light of recent school shootings, many students and families are facing a troubling reality which can be difficult to process.

Now, one lawmaker wants to help them by having people and resources available at schools in the wake of tragedy. But, it comes at a price; to gun owners.

The bill creates a one-percent tax on firearm ammunition. That money would go into the Trauma Response Fund.

The State Board of Education would be responsible for distributing and creating a statewide response system. In the wake of tragedy, a mental health professional would be sent to a school immediately.

Grief counselors would be offered to students and, within five days of a violent incident, students could attend trauma intervention services, like group counseling, peer-to-peer support and other initiatives.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative LaToya Greenwood (D) says it’s time for action. She hopes the measure could help prevent tragedies. One school psychologist say she would be on board.

The bill is still in very early stages. It has not made it out of its first committee and does not have any co-sponsors.

If passed, the tax would go into effect July 1. 100% of the tax would go to the program. 

Last week, Chris Kennedy (D) supported similar legislation on the federal level. The plan taxes gun and ammunition sales to pay for healthcare expenses for hospitals with a high volume of gun violence victims.

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