Paving the way for women

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DANVILLE, Ill (WCIA)– A studeDanvillenville Area Community College isn’t too far from graduation day.

But she has accomplished more than just that.

She is the first woman to complete the Titans of CNC program.

Sarah Van Leer is a manufacturing student at DACC.

The college started a new, more challenging program called Titans of CNC.

It’s a complex thing to understand but the bottom line is she’ll be making parts that could go in a car or an airplane one day and come may she will be the first woman to graduate from DACC having completed this program. 

“It was nice because I love engineering,” Sarah Van Leer.

Sarah Van Leer has been a DACC student for almost two years and in a male dominated field, she’s stepping up to set an example.

“It’s really exciting It’s nothing that I really ever expected because I feel like I’m just doing what I’m passionate about but It’s really awesome. I’m always down to be the first female to pave the way,” Van Leer.

The Titans of CNC program teaches students in manufacturing how to work with the machines and make things out of metal.

Van Leer says the program was challenging but since she loves manufacturing, it was worth it.

“Being passionate about it help. It makes it a lot easier because it’s what I want to do,” says Van Leer.

Todd Flessner teaches manufacturing.

He says Van Leer’s dedication and hard work has set examples for his students, and not just the women he teaches. 

“The females I do have in the curriculum look up to her because shes second years shes gonna graduate in May and the male students look up to her,” Todd Flessner.

He’s confident that no matter what she does she will be successful.

“I know she’s going to do big things for wherever she goes,” says Flessner.

It’s close to time for van leer to get out and start applying for jobs and she says shes ready.

“I just want to dive in full fledge into machining and programming,” says Vam Leer.

Last fall a male student completed it, but van leer says she’s happy to be the first woman to get there. 

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