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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Winter weather doesn’t just make roads slick, it can also make them crack, which leads to potholes. You’ve probably seen one or two, or twenty, around town.

The good news is, the public works department has already started patching them up.

It seems like they usually show up in late February or March. But, recent crazy weather, all the thawing and freezing, is hard on the roads and potholes are hard on cars.

Having to pump gas in the snow isn’t the only downside to winter weather.

“It felt like I hit something or someone, so It was a little frightening at first. Then, you look around and see all the massive holes in the ground.”

Potholes; everyone dreads them.

“They’re huge. My car hit them and I was really upset about it.”

After last week, everyone’s seeing them.

“Both Wednesday and Thursday, being warm, the rain on Thursday, adding to the melting snow, then the hard freeze on Thursday night. So, on Friday, we saw quite a number of them that appeared in that short amount of time.”

Kris Koester is the spokesperson for the city’s public works department. He says fickle weather is the perfect recipe for the craters everyone hates.

“The moisture gets under the ground, then it freezes and causes it to buckle and eventually we see potholes.”

This year, “eventually” is sooner rather than later.

“We usually see it a little bit later in the winter when we’re getting closer to more consistently warmer temperatures.”

Koester says it could mean more potholes overall, but don’t worry, the city is on it.

“We routinely take care of them anytime they come up.”

Crew started Friday when many appeared. If you see a pothole which need attention, the solution is simple.

“Give us a call at public works.”

Drivers will want to avoid potholes because they can mess with a car’s tires, alignment and suspension. If you do hit one, having properly inflated tires with enough tread, and slowing down, can lower the risk of damage to your car. 

Champaign Public Works Department            
(217) 403 – 4700 

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