Parents share suggestions to reduce school fights

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The school district and police put rumors to rest after a weapon was believed to be involved in a school fight, caught on camera.

The school district sent an email to parents Tuesday night. It says the fight happened “outside of the cafeteria during the 5a-5b lunch transition.”

That part of the video was captured and during a tussle between a couple of students, a figure believed to be a weapon laid on the ground. Police say it was a set of keys on a lanyard.

The school says all of the students involved in the fight were disciplined. Parents have still shown concern and say more needs to be done, especially after the district’s decision to give six deans different positions at the middle and high schools.

“The teachers and stuff need help. They’re here to teach, not patrol them not be officers, security officers, they don’t have time for that because they’re trying to teach our students,” says parent, Paul Barnes.

After rumors spread that a weapon was involved, parents couldn’t help but think the worst.

“It worried me a little bit,” says parent Leco Braggs.  

The parents also have some suggestions in mind for the future.  

“I think more security needs to be in place with things like that,” states Braggs.

“We need more officers here or more guys trained to search and if need be metal detectors or have guys search them. We need to have more bag checks or we need to start a fund of  having everyone have clear book bags,” states Barnes.

Barnes says he commends the staff for doing what they can.

“My hat’s off to the principal because she handles this school very well,” says Barnes.

Parents also suggested Saturday school for students as another form of punishment. 

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