Parents concerned over asbestos abatement

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TEUTOPOLIS, Ill. (WCIA) — Asbestos abatement is starting next week at Teutopolis High School, but not all parents are on board with having it done while school is in session.

They are concerned about the safety hazards of having people work with asbestos while class is going on. The school says they are taking all the proper precautions, but it is not enough for some.

The school is moving towards knocking down sections of it’s building that date back to 1929. They opted to have it done this semester instead of over the summer. Parent Tina Thompson says it is a bad idea.

“They did touch on the fact they are following all the rules,” says Thompson. “Which, that’s great, but I feel sometimes it’s more about the risk and parents concern then it is over rules and regulations.”

The school had an informational session Monday morning with concerned parents.

“I hold paramount the Safety, Health, and Welfare of the public and certainly of our children and staff who attend Teutopolis High School,” says Superintendent Deborah Philpot in a statement.

A petition against the abatement starting this semester is up to 400 signatures. The school board is set to meet next Monday to take comments from concerned parents.

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