Parents and students voice concerns about school fights

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Parents, students and school staff packed a room to voice concerns at a special session. It’s after a string of fights Urbana School District administrators admit are getting out of control.

Some parents could possibly change schools if this isn’t taken care of. A lot of the parents nodded when that was said. They’re demanding the district put an end to the fights, and soon.

“Right now, we aren’t even sure if we want to come back next year. We’re seriously considering moving and we shouldn’t have to.”

Parents and students at Urbana Middle and Urbana High schools are fed up. This school year, about two dozen students have been suspended from the middle school because of physical aggression.

“We are facing a complete breakdown of authority in and outside of the schools, if you’ve heard from parents and students.”

Fights on school property have been caught on camera and shared on social media. District officials say it’s become a bigger problem than it has in the past. At least two teachers were hurt when they tried  to stop the violence.

“We’ve heard stories from families impacted, and if your stomach did not turn of these stories of the teachers, I ask do you have a pulse?”

Administrators say they can’t pinpoint exactly why there has been an uptick in fights. Board members say the district is working hard on a solution.

“I didn’t sleep all week about the issues that come to me about Urbana Middle School. Every day, every night, something about Urbana Middle School, and it’s a safety issue. That worries me.”

But parents and students say there’s a lack of communication and trust.

“We were told physical altercations are not fights, but there was no explanation given as to why that is. There was just the general appearance that the administration doesn’t trust the students at the high school and doesn’t trust us enough to tell us what’s actually going on.”

After the public comment section and board members’ responses, the board went into executive closed session. 

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