Parent holds public meeting after child was assaulted at school

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) —  A mother says her daughter was assaulted at school and she wasn’t notified until several hours later.

Rita Hernandez pulled her kids out of the district because of how the administration handled it. On Wednesday night she held a meeting for other parents to share their stories of problems in the school district.

Several people talked about what they’ve experienced. Two USD teachers and other staff came to encourage parents to report things to the district and share their perspective. But Hernandez said that’s not enough if the school district doesn’t do what’s expected of them.

She took her two daughters out of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. She says, “They allowed my daughter to be sexually assaulted and allowed her to be bullied and nothing has been done about it.” 

She claims school administrators didn’t do enough to protect her daughter and prevent it from happening again. Hernandez says, “They were hitting her on her butt on the playground. She ran away telling them to stop but they continued to do it. The principal was aware of the situation immediately. My husband and I didn’t get a call about it until 5:00 at night.”  

Hernandez says the principal and school staff would not show her the incident reports. WCIA reached out to the superintendent about this. He had no comment. 

She met with the district to talk about the problem and admits she lost her temper. They banned her from the property for being verbally aggressive. But she says she was just trying to get answers. 

Hernandez says, “For a little girl to see they’re not doing anything about it is pretty much telling those boys that this behavior is ok or it’s ok for a man to touch you if you say no.” . 

Employees said the administration isn’t being held accountable in discipline situations and not enough is being done. Other parents talked about their concerns too but didn’t want to go on camera. Even though Hernandez pulled her kids out of the school, she still demanding a change for the sake of other student’s safety. 

She says, “I send them to school in a safe environment to learn. To know they’re allowing this to happen is putting me at unease. It has my children asking “mommy why are you allowing this to happen?”

WCIA also reached out to the principal involved in this. She hasn’t responded yet.

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