CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Detectives returned over $2,000 in stolen electronics – including at least a $1,500 audio receiver, $250 turntable and $800 wireless amplifier – to Good Vibes in Champaign Monday.

The store manager believes someone tried pawning the equipment the same day it was stolen several weeks ago. As of Monday, no arrests had been made yet, and Champaign County Crime Stoppers were still looking for the thieves.

Authorities say these two women walked into the store and took the equipment in just a minute and 14 seconds.

One of the women distracted an employee while the other took items from a display case and then left. Mike Roy, the manager, said he’s relieved to have everything returned.

“This is by far probably the best news we could’ve received because typically this merchandise is gone and you never see it again. But it’s twenty-seven hundred dollars that comes back into the store and we’ll be much happier because of it,” Roy said.

He wants to remind other business owners to upgrade their security cameras and equipment. He believes the quality footage helped detectives recover the items quickly.

“It has a wonderful ending. Like I said – it’s a happy Monday… We’re just blessed that we were able to get this back. Again, thanks to the Champaign Police Department,” Roy said.