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EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — A landmark for Our Town is hard to miss at the crossroads of the interstate. It’s more than just something to look at; it’s a symbol.

An area group wants to bring more to the cross and its welcome center. They want to add ten statues of Jesus and an amphitheater because the cross is meant to be a symbol of hope.

“Really, the mission of the cross is just to share the love and the forgiveness and the grace that Jesus Christ shares with us everyday.”

When driving along the I-70/I-57 interchange, something catches your eye.

“There’s about 50,000 people a day that see this as they cross by on the interstates.”

This is the Cross at the Crossroads.

“It’s 198 feet tall and the reason it’s not 200 feet tall is because the FAA actually regulates that, if there’s anything over 200 feet tall, has to have a red beacon on it, so we said, ‘198 feet it is.'”

It was built in 2001. People have come from all over to check it out.

“We’ve had people from near and far. From the United States and overseas.”

Christy Hackman says the hope is the cross gives a message of hope.

“It’s a beacon of hope and his love and his grace for us, here in Effingham, as all of us locals see it everyday.”

It does not represent a specific religion.

“We think we’re not only sharing God’s message of love and forgiveness, but it’s a sign. It’s a symbol of the body of Christ for all religions.”

The plan is to add to the site and extend the reach to those who see it.

“We are going to completely change the site out here. The campus is going to include ten life-size statues of different times in Jesus’ life.”

Hackman says, for her, the cross brings her comfort.

“To me, it’s just the warm, fuzzy feeling that, no matter where I’m at in my life or what I’m doing, that Jesus is always with us.”

The Cross Foundation is accepting donations.

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