BEMENT — Dogs are a passion for a Piatt County woman. She writes stories about them from her home in Our Town Bement. Jody Shonkwiler always loved books. A few years ago, she decided to write some of her own. She published her first one two years ago and now has five children’s books on the market. Each of them feature a few four-legged characters.

“I decided to do the dachshund characters for my books, just because we have dachshunds and they’re so funny,” said Shonkwiler. “They’re full of personality and stuff, so that was the inspiration for the characters.”

On her dedication page, Shonkwiler puts a picture of her real dogs reading the book. She says this is part of a legacy she wanted to leave for her grandkids. Shonkwiler says a lot of her inspiration comes from things that have happened in her life. To find out more about her books, click here.

To watch Jody’s interview from Our Town: Bement, check out the video below!