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RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA) — Pieces in museums all over the world were created at Taylor Studios in Rantoul.

Taylor Studios started about 30 years ago in Mahomet. The company moved to Rantoul in the late 1990s.

“We were renting over there and we kept growing we wanted our own space and really Rantoul … the price was right, being centrally located with three interstates coming through here is beneficial to us, the price of living is beneficial to my staff,” says Betty Brennan, Owner and President.

Taylor Studios has several buildings in Rantoul — including a large workspace. The pieces made inside are displayed all over the world in museums, universities, nature centers and more.

“We’ve completed over 700 projects in 44 states and 4 countries … You might be in the Pleistocene hanging out with a mammoth or a paleo hunter .. or you could be in the time frame of Lincoln. We did the Lincoln Museum in Lincoln, Illinois for instance. So we tell stories and we tell them in 3D,” says Brennan.

Taylor Studios is working on about 12 projects right now. They usually finish 20 to 25 in a year. Jason Thorn oversees many of them. He’s always loved art, but it took him awhile to land at his current position.

“This is actually a far cry from what I started out my career as. I was a law enforcement officer for 10 plus years — and I saw an ad for Taylor Studios. I was interested in their company for quite awhile and it was timing at that point. I had turned in some drawings and some pictures of things that I had done and it got me in here and I learned a lot,” says Jason Thorn, Project Supervisor.

Thorn and his team learn something new every day .. like how to create a huge exhibit for a museum in Iceland. It was a giant rock wall covered in birds.

“We know we have to disassemble it and get it through a set of doors and in this case we actually had to put it on freight containers, ship it across the ocean, so we had it here, we got it taken apart and then put it together on the site and still have it the way they wanted it,” says Thorn.

That’s just one example of the work done at Taylor Studios. Whether it’s an interactive exhibit for kids, or life-like replicas of important figures in history .. Taylor Studios’ dozens of artists take pride in what they do and plan to keep growing in Our Town Rantoul.

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