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OAKLAND, Ill. (WCIA) — A proud community of restored log cabins is part of Our Town.

Independence Pioneer Village takes you back in time. Two brothers traveled through Tennessee and realized there was a need to preserve history. Since then, it’s turned into more than a hobby.

Robert Lee has taken a page out of history books and given it life.

“It’s a reconstructed village. We have brought in most of our cabins here from Tennessee, a couple from Illinois.”

Piece by piece, Lee brought these cabins to Oakland. The name, Independence Pioneer Village, comes from Oakwood’s original name: Independence.

“We have history of almost all of them.”

There are seventeen structures total. They include a school house with desks and chalkboard and a jail with a cot. Lee says they’ve restored everything to its original look.

“It gives me a place to come out here and kind of sit and it’s quiet.”

The space is used for various activities nowadays.

“Kind of a campground for church and activities of that nature.”

Lee’s daughter, Traci, organizes events at the village. She says you can’t find many places like this.

“I heard, the one time, it say that it was a million miles from Monday and, when we come to the village, when activities are going on here, the village comes to life.”

Each structure has a different story. Events are scheduled for fall.

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