PARIS, Ill. (WCIA) — A state-of-the-art theater has created a place for performers to thrive in Our Town Paris.

The theater is about five years old and is in Paris High School. It’s home to the Paris Center of Fine Arts. The group brings in performers from all over the country, but people from all over the community also use the theater. Fine Arts Manager, Kristin Chittick, says it’s an important asset to the community.

“Whether it’s a junior high production, whether it’s a dance recital, whether it’s a preschool graduation, whether it’s high school productions .. there’s something going on there all the time. Presentations, speakers, that kind of thing … We’ve had Grammy award winners, we have had America’s Got Talent finalists here. Every single one that has walked in that door since I’ve taken the job has said, ‘WOW!’ ” says Chittick.

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