Our Town lake is home to hundreds!

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EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — 60-years after it was dug, Lake Sara is home to more than 400 people in Our Town.

Jack Schultz helped write a book about the lake last year. He says it will always have a special place in his heart. People say the community wouldn’t be the same without it. 

“It’s a place that’s grown in my heart and a place I game at in the summers and now, I’ve lived here for the last 18-years.”

Jack Schultz is no stranger to Lake Sara and all its beauty. He’s spent more than 50-years out on the water.

“It’s become a location where a lot of people have come to spend summers and a lot of those have ended up living here on the lake and, in some cases, retiring on the lake.”

Lake Sara was dug in 1957. It was after firefighters ran out of water battling a fire at St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital.

“The city of Effingham ran out of water and city leaders got together and decided, not only they’d have to rebuild the hospital, but they also had to build a reservoir for water.”

Schultz says, ever since it was built, there’s been a boost in the economy.

“The amount of money that comes in, the people that come to visit the lake, it’s just had a huge impact over the last half a century.”

His parents were some of the first to call the lake their home. Things have really taken off since.

“A wealth of talent that’s come to Lake Sara because of its proximity and, in fact, we have our second largest number of people on Lake Sara are from Champaign County.”

Hundreds of homes sit along the shorelines. There are even a few places to stop for a bite to eat.

“It’s about 680 acres with 27-miles of shoreline.”

Schultz says it’s great to see so many people enjoying this patch of heaven. Schultz and Dr. Nash Naam wrote a book called Laka Sara. Schultz did most of the writing and Dr. Naam took pictures. Both live on the lake as well.


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